Josh B.

"For years I have struggled with sleeping at night.  Once I finally decided to bring it to Dr. Ray's attention he discovered that I may have been suffering from sleep apnea this whole time and suggested I try out one of his sleep apparatuses.  Every since I started to use the apparatus I've been having the best sleep of my life for the first time in years.  Thank you Dr. Ray for all of your help and hard work."

Kristina S.

"Dr. Skowronski is one of the gifted doctors that actually care about his patients.  I've been a patient of his for 4-5 years and not once regretted making that 1st appointment.  The office is a 45 minute drive from where I live but Dr. Skowronski and his staff are soooo worth it!  :)

I had a HUGE problem with my TMJ disorder, and he made sure my pain was taken care of.  To this day he still makes appointments to check on my TMJ situation and to make sure 'I don't get lost in the system'.  I was told he was one of the best by another person, and they were right.

Thank You for EVERYTHING Dr. Skowronski and Staff.  All of you are a blessing!"


Walter L.

"Dr Ray, I just wanted to send you this note to thank your staff in helping me with my two children yesterday while I was getting my scaling treatment.  I am most grateful for the attention they gave my son - who is autistic - I know it was very hard for your staff to entertain him but your wonderful staff did it yesterday.

Again, my sincere heart filled thankfulness to your staff and I just wanted to acknowledge them for all their efforts in making my visit a very easy one.

May God Bless you and your whole staff."

Art H.

"Little over a year ago, my doctor directed me to participate in a sleep study to measure the extent of the apnea my wife had been complaining to him about during her checkups.  Sure enough, the study indicated that my apnea was severe – I think I was having about 70 episodes very hour!  No wonder my wife kept getting woken up as I gasped for breath on uneven intervals sometimes less than a minute apart.  It reminded me of my mother who had apnea so severe the dog wouldn't sleep in my parent's room when I was a kid.  My Doctor reinforced that it wasn't just the obnoxiousness of that many episodes, it was a serious health risk – potentially leading to a heart attack, constant drowsiness that could result in a driving accident or some other potentially deadly outcome.

I tried a CPAP at home as a trail but I got tangled up with the air hose as I was rolling over in my sleep.  I felt I was having a constant dream that I was being waterboarded.  When the trial was over, I gave the CPAP back.  After that, my Doctor suggested I see Dr. Ray to find out if he could come up with an effective solution.  After two visits, he set me up with 'the appliance.'  When we woke up the first morning, my wife declared it was the best sleep she had had since we got married 31 years ago.  I had no suffocation dreams – in fact, it was comfortable all night and I felt remarkably better rested too.  Dr. Ray had me do a couple easy sleep studies while he tuned the appliance.  Now, my episodes have been reduced by about 60% and, better yet, my blood oxygen level is better by about 30% if I recall the data correctly.  He is reasonably confident that we can do even better in the future too.

This is not a miracle.  Dr. Ray has been perfecting his understanding and tools of apnea for a long time.  My wife had been skeptical about this treatment since it was not covered by our insurance.  No more.  This is one of the best things I have ever done for my health, my wife's wellbeing and our marriage.  Thank you Dr. Ray!

One last thing.  While it is a long drive to Dr. Ray's office, it is a pleasure to visit.  It is the happiest medical practice I have ever visited.  Not sure if it is the singing or the free coffee, but somehow he has managed to attract a great bunch of people to work with."

Irma D.

"Dear Dr. Ray,
Thank you so much for my snaggle tooth free smile.  I love it.  You are a terrific dentist and a wonderful man.  I went into this process with some apprehension and dread, but you and your staff made it a pleasant experience."


Mark M.

"Over the years, I have lived in 10 different states.  Without a doubt, Dr. Ray and his staff are the best!  He is the most professional and compassionate dentist I've ever seen.  The complements I receive from friends, family and total strangers on my new smile are too many to count.  Dr. Ray is a perfectionist and that is just one of the things that make him so talented!  I would highly recommend Dr. Ray and his staff to anyone."

Juliana O.

"Before I found Dr. Skowronski, my jaw had been locked shut for about three months, and I was absolutely miserable!

I had been to several doctors and dentists and not one was able to help me.  It was painful to talk or eat, my cheek muscles hurt, as well as my shoulder and my neck.  I was experiencing debilitating pain behind my eyes, and nonstop ringing in my ears.  Being in constant pain made a huge impact on my work and home life!

My initial consultation with Dr. Skowronski was like no other experience I have had.  The office was warm and welcoming.  The staff makes you feel very comfortable and relaxed.  And Dr. Skowronski was genuinely concerned with getting me better.  He evaluated my symptoms and had an appliance made to reposition my jaw.  Within days after receiving my appliance, my jaw pain was almost completely gone.  I have been a patient of Dr. Ray's for almost three years now, and I am so grateful for all that Dr. Ray has done for me.  He genuinely cares about his patient's.  The entire staff makes you feel like part of their family.  I am truly blessed to have found such a compassionate dentist; Dr. Ray is one of a kind.  I will never go to anyone else because Dr. Ray & his staff are absolutely wonderful.  I can't thank him enough, for everything he has done for me!!"

Rex L.

"I came to Dr. Skowronski with a seven month history of extreme jaw pain.  The initial diagnosis and treatment afforded me almost immediate relief.  His approach to my condition and the options that were available for a permanent correction has led to a treatment path that has resulted in my being pain free for nearly two years now.  My affliction, one that I once thought intractable, is now something that I am immensely grateful every day to have behind me.  Dr. Skowronski has given me back my ability to have a creative and productive life."


Mary L.

"Thanks for your recommendation I get tested for Sleep Apnea.  When we found out that I needed to sleep with a mask, I tried to wear the mask and I couldn't tolerate it.  The next step was to give your apparatus a try.  I have used the apparatus for the past four months, every night and it eliminated the snoring.  Another great advantage for me, was eliminating a chronic cough, I have experienced for at least 35 years of my 81 plus years. "

Melissa B.

"I started coming to Dr. Skowronski's office three years ago and from the first visit I knew that I had just found the diamond in the rough.  Before my initial visit, I filled out all the usual paperwork and circled all the usual stuff that I have circled on dental forms before: ringing in the ears, recurring headaches, interrupted sleep, and jaw tension.  After my exam, Dr. Ray started talking to me about my symptoms and my diagnosis of TMJ, we set up another appointment for my Mom and I to come back and talk numbers and time frames.

At first it was daunting news for an 18-year-old who never before had to wear any type of mouth appliances.  I was going to start wearing a mouthpiece, immediately, 24/7 -even when I ate!  With Dr. Ray's continued encouragement and promises of being virtually symptom free after all the appliances I started the treatment plan with my head help high.  I wore the original appliance for about a year a half, which was followed up with braces for a little less than 18 months, and now I have weaned down my retainers to nighttime wear only.  I am going to be starting a new appliance to prevent clenching/grinding at night within the next month.

The staff at Dr. Ray's office has gone above and beyond their duties numerous times. Every time that I have called in a state-of-panic either because my bracket had popped off, my wire was out, or even because my dog decided to chew my retainer, the staff has been willing to work around their schedule to fit in me in either that same day or the very next day.  The staff at Dr. Ray's office is made up of more than friendly receptionists, hygienists, and dental assistants; they are a family that welcomes everyone with warm hellos and sincere smiles.

In a year and a half I have plans to move out of state after my wedding (I am very excited to show off my beautiful smile!), I don't plan on finding another dentist, because there is no one else like Dr. Ray."

Marguerite V.

"I would like to say thank you to Dr. Skowronski.  I came to him feeling very uncomfortable.  I have a bad habit of clenching my teeth.  This was causing me to have loud annoying ringing in my ears that kept both me and my husband awake at night (my husband because I was so restless).  I also had tingling in my face making me concerned I was having a stroke.

Dr. Ray evaluated my symptoms and created a mouth guard telling me I was to wear it 24/7 including eating.  With a mouth full of plastic I asked 'How do you expect me to eat?'  In less than a month I had noticeably less ringing and tingling.  Gradually the symptoms disappeared.  Then came time to give up my now plastic miracle for braces.  What I thought I could never get used to I was now begging to keep.

By the end of the treatment, I am now 98% symptom free.  Both my husband and I are sleeping much better, and I cannot thank Dr. Ray enough."


Sheryl B.

"Shorty after having general anesthesia during an outpatient surgery in August 2009, I began experiencing two to three migraine headaches a week, which caused blurred vision, pain behind my right eye, and sensitivity to light.  Not only were they painful, but they were severely impacting my work and the time I spent with my children.  I was also having horrible bouts of vertigo, sinus and ear pain, as well as the right side of my face and tongue going numb after eating.

My initial consultation with Dr. Raymond Skowronski was not only informative, I felt like he was really concerned with getting me on the road to recovery.  I was fitted with a bite appliance, which I was to wear for 24 hours day 7 days a week to realign my jaw and heal it.  Within days of wearing it, all of the migraine headaches stopped.  The numbness in my face and tongue stopped within a week.

Dr. Skowronski even provided me with his personal number in case I had any issues with the bite appliance my first few days.  He is a very caring and personable doctor.  I'm very grateful to my Orthodontist for referring me to Dr. Skowronski."

Stephanie M.

"I have been with your office for approximately 10 years and words cannot begin to explain the fabulous experience that I have had during these past 3 years with your office.  From the very beginning, Dr. Ray, you told me how great my smile would look with some work.  You allowed me to make the decision in my time – when I was ready.  From getting 7 teeth pulled to the lovely cranking mechanism to space my teeth out (which wasn't very fabulous pain wise!) to the actual procedure of putting the braces on (and only being able to eat french fries for a week) – it's all been worth every minute.

The confidence that I feel (even with my braces still on) is more than I've had in years.  I am more confident in my smile and how I carry myself just from my teeth being straight.  Every time I come into the office form my monthly visits, the entire staff is always asking how I am and are concerned with the progress of my dental care.  I defiantly is a family environment in the Skowronski office.

Today I come in to get my braces taken off.  I have waited patiently and impatiently, for this day for 3 years.  I know there are still steps to take before I have my perfect smile without any braces of retainers, but if it is going to make me feel as secure and certain as you've allowed me to feel, then I am ready.

I hope the entire office understands how much this experience has allowed me to come into my own, even at 26.  The clear braces were a little tougher than the metal and we had some ups and downs with them.  But at 23, when this started, you don't want to be noticed for braces and you did your best to make sure that I was comfortable with my braces."

Sandra H.

"A few weeks ago as I waited to see my doctor, I reached for an interesting magazine title Fibromyalgia Aware.  I found this issue to be extremely informative and one article caught my attention.  The article detailed the conditions of TMJ and Tinnitus all of which I have.  As I continued to read the article, I found this information somewhat familiar because I was being treated for the same condition by a dentist named Dr. Raymond Skowronski.  All the information provided was exactly what I remembered when I began my treatment with him in November 2009, when I could no longer handle the ringing in my ear, the severe headaches and jaw pain that never seemed to be relieved even with medication.  When I finished the article, it was then I noticed that my dentist wrote the publication, now I was really impressed.

This was no surprise to me because if it were not for his exemplary treatment over the past 8 months, I am not sure what I would have done.  When I came to see him, I was very skeptical of the idea that a mouth appliance would relieve my symptoms.  The ringing in the ear gradually decreased and so did the headaches.  As of this date, I rarely hear any ringing in my ear.  It is so nice not to have that horrible sound in my ear at night keeping me awake.

Dr. Skowronski also informed me of an appliance to wear at night to help me with sleep apnea.  I was again skeptical about not having to use a c-pap because I have been on that for almost 8 years.  I hated using the c-pap but I also understood the necessity to use the machine otherwise I would stop breathing throughout the night.  However, the c-pap was very hard to adjust and a majority of the time, the mask ended up on the floor sometime throughout the night.  He specifically designed another appliance for me to wear at night.  It was somewhat difficult to get used to, but after a few weeks, I never even knew it was on!

I just completed a series of studies by my doctor who treats sleep apnea and we learned that the appliance was indeed helping my sleep apnea and that I no longer required the use of the c-pap.  I cannot tell you how satisfied I am with Dr. Skowronski's knowledge of sleep apnea and TMJ. He is always so professional and treats all of his patients like family.  He loves to sing and he makes you feel as if you were at home on a lazy boy watching TV.  I am so happy that I no longer require the c-pap and wearing the appliance is much easier for me all around, especially when we travel.  I no longer have to worry about the c-pap, or finding a plug in the hotel that is for the machine or the loud noise keeping my husband awake.

Thank you so much Dr. Skowronski!!!"