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Welcome to Skowronski Family Dentistry

We are always happy to welcome new patients to our dental family. Skowronski Family Dentistry is a comprehensive dental practice that can take care of all your needs. From regular dental checkups to cosmetic dentistry to temporomandibular joint disorders and sleep dentistry, we can handle all your dental needs. We are dedicated to ensuring all our patients have a smile that is beautiful, functional above all, healthy.

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Meet Skowronski Family Dentistry's Doctors, Dr. Ray and Sterling Heights Dentist Dr. Christina Fluegge

Meet Our Dentists

Dr. Skowronski is passionate about comprehensive dentistry. This passion drives him to constant improvement, as he, Dr. Fluegge, and our team complete new continuing education programs every month. Since opening his practice in 1983, his passion has inspired him to combine the benefits of experience with the latest techniques and technologies in dentistry. Dr. Skowronski works together with Dr. Fluegge to provide comprehensive dentistry to help patients enjoy a smile that’s beautiful, functional, and supportive of whole-body health.

About Skowronski Family Dentistry

Skowronski Family Dentistry is dedicated to giving our patients the care and compassion they deserve. We take time to get to know you and always take care of what really matters to you. Our commitment to honesty means we earn your trust by making information available so you can make informed decisions about your care.

Restore Your Smile

If your teeth are badly damaged with decay, chips, and fractures, you might be worried about your chances for a beautiful smile. But with full mouth reconstruction, our dentists can give you a healthy, functional, beautiful smile, no matter the condition of your current teeth. Your full mouth reconstruction begins with a consultation on your health history and smile goals. Then our dentists will perform a comprehensive evaluation of your teeth, jaw, and gums. Based on the results of the evaluation and on your personal goals, our team will develop a comprehensive treatment plan.

It depends on the procedures needed. During your consultation, Dr. Skowronski will go over your expected treatment timeline so you know when you will achieve your desired results.

Full mouth reconstruction usually includes treatments for the health and function of your smile, which means that most dental insurance will at least partly cover it. We can help you understand your coverage before you start.

Say Goodbye to Headaches and Jaw Pain

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) problems often occur because the joint is not in a healthy position. The result can be painful symptoms that can include headaches, ear symptoms, jaw pain, and more. Dr. Skowronski was mentored and trained by the pioneers in TMJ treatment. Dr. Skowronski has successfully treated TMJ and chronic facial pain patients for over 35 years. His treatment begins with a custom-made oral appliance that helps to reposition the jaw. Most people experience a significant reduction of symptoms within six weeks of starting oral appliance therapy. Within five months, symptoms are almost completely resolved for most people.

The oral appliance is a custom made anterior repositioning device. It allows your jaw to be placed in the proper position which will promote healing of the patient’s jaw joints. It has been documented at the patient’s first 6-week post insert appointment that their symptomatology usually is reduced by 50% and overall, their feeling of wellness has greatly improved.

  • Do I have clicking or popping in my jaw joints?
  • Do I have frequent migraines or headaches?
  • Do I have neck aches?
  • Has my mouth ever locked open or closed?
  • Do my facial muscles feel fatigued?
  • Do I have ringing or buzzing in my ears?
  • Do I feel dizzy or off balance?

Patient Testimonials

Best dentist office ever, I got bullied all through high school because of my teeth and Dr. Ray changed my life. He completely fixed my teeth. He was very sweet and polite. I’ve never experienced someone with such a great personality. Thank you Dr. Ray.


Dr. Skowronski has helped me so much! Since I saw many doctors who were unable to help and Dr. Ray has gotten me a great deal of relief. The orthotic appliance has help me to eat, talk and return to the normal activities I enjoy. I am so thankful I found Dr. Ray!


Dr. Ray is the best. I have been going to him for over 10 years now. What he did with straightening out my teeth was amazing. Not only does he have the skill and experience to provide reasonable service he’s also very personable.


Have been going here ever since I was a child. Great staff, great service, great experience. Highly recommend Dr. Ray and his awesome team!


I’ve been with Dr. Ray since 2016. My TMJ flared up while nursing. Although I had a doctor for it, his solution was muscle relaxers. This was not an option while nursing. I assume that’s how TMJ was “treated” so I was surprised when I called and told muscle relaxers were not involved. Dr. Ray was very honest – this would take some time and I would not have the perfect smile when done. My TMJ improves every visit and I have not taken any medication since. My job does not click or hurt. The only thing I have left to do is some cosmetic work. Dr. Ray has become our family dentist. My husband and even my son loves going to get his teeth cleaned. Dr. Ray and his staff are amazing he truly cares about my well-being, and it really shows. I’m beyond grateful to not have to rely on medication for the rest of my life I know that my boys will be well taken care of.


We have been going to Dr. Ray and his crew for many many years now they are outstanding and always go above and beyond what most people expectations of a dentist would be. They really treat you like family and have the cleanest office with the most up-to-date equipment that is used by an excellent staff, the office is beautiful you are welcomed with a smile and offers of water or coffee the waiting room is filled with awesome books that make you short weight seem even shorter. Our young children look forward to going there and they always remember our name is Dr. Ray and his staff will always be a good friend of ours and we appreciate everything they do.


Dr. Ray staff is five star in my book everything is top notch. I was referred by a friend and have been going here for years, and do not have any complaints. They really do treat you like family. I always have great experiences with them being prompt for appointment times as well.


Dr. Ray is the happiest, most gentle dentist I’ve ever been to. He cares about his patients and runs a tight ship. The entire staff, including Jeana in the front, to Chris and the other hygienist at Dr. Ray, is personable.


Best dental care in the world!


Honestly the best dentist ever!


My family and I have been going to Dr. Ray for 35 years! He is outstanding and his team is phenomenal. I trust him implicitly.