Dentistry is a dynamic field, and it’s constantly adding new technologies that can make your dental experience faster and more pleasant while achieving better results. Our doctors did extensive research on dental technology before incorporating it into our dental practice. Here are some of the technologies we have recently introduced to improve your experience:

Trios Intraoral Imaging

Dental impressions in the past have been taken manually with a tray and alginate.

With our new Trios Scanner, we can now create digital impressions. We are able to wave a wand over your teeth and it constructs a 3D digital image of them. We can then send this image virtually to our American labs, where they use it to create your high-quality restorations quickly.

Your benefits from Trios:

  • No biting down into unpleasant mold material
  • Shorter dental visits
  • Faster laboratory fabrication and turnaround time

Digital X-Rays

Our dentists choose carefully when and which radiographs are taken. We follow many guidelines to make sure we are not taking them unnecessarily. However, radiographs are vital tools to help us diagnose problems with your teeth, gums, and bones. Radiographs allow us to see things we cannot see with our eyes. This can include cavities between your teeth, damage to jawbones below the gum line from trauma or gum disease, the roots and nerves of teeth, and the presence of lesions like cysts or tumors.

Digital x-rays are an advanced technology that lets us get the information we need while exposing you to much less radiation. We can look at the information in more detail than on a35mm slide, and you can easily see what we see. In addition, we can send the information quickly to specialists or your insurance company.

Your benefits from digital x-rays:

  • Only ⅙ the radiation exposure
  • You can see the image on a monitor
  • We can quickly send images to specialists or insurance company

Cone Beam CT

Cone beam is a form of computed tomography. Computed tomography takes a series of focused x-rays that create a 3D image of your dental structures, including teeth, bones, soft tissues, and more. This lets us do a more precise diagnosis of conditions and planning for procedures so you never need exploratory surgery.

Unlike medical CT scans, CT cone beam is done in the open—you’re never confined inside the machine. We use CT scans to help in the treatment of TMJ, impacted teeth, missing teeth, and orthodontic problems.

Your benefits from Cone Beam CT:

  • No need for exploratory surgery
  • Accurate diagnosis
  • Precise treatment

Intraoral Camera

An intraoral camera is a digital camera that lets us take pictures of the state of your teeth. This lets you see what we see so you can understand the true condition of your mouth and make informed decisions about treatment. It can also make it easier for us to look at problems in more detail and give you a more accurate diagnosis.

Your benefits from intraoral camera:

  • See the interior of your mouth
  • Make informed decisions
  • Get a more accurate diagnosis

Dental Technology For Advanced Treatment

If you are looking for a dental office that offers advanced technology to improve your dental experience and results, consider Skowronski Family Dentistry in Sterling Heights, MI. Please call (586) 977-8413 today to schedule your appointment or learn more about the technology we use.