How Often Your Child Should Visit the Dentist

Your child should make their first “regular” dental visit just after their third birthday. However, it’s a good idea to have them come in earlier for a preview visit to help them feel comfortable with the location. After their first visit, we will likely recommend that they come to our office annually.

How to Prepare Your Child for Their Dental Visit

Prepare your child for their first dental visit as you might prepare them for other firsts in life, such as their first haircut. Our team recommends speaking with your child about the dentist in a honest manner.

It’s important that you never use the “idea” of the dentist to scare them into brushing their teeth or avoiding unhealthy behaviors like snacking between meals. If necessary, talk to them about oral disease and its real consequences to their health and happiness.

If you have dental anxiety, try not to pass this on to your children. Try speaking of dental visits in positive terms. It’s a good idea to read books about dental visits to your children. Speaking in positive terms about dental visits can help your children develop a more positive attitude toward dentistry, which will lead to more positive experiences and better oral health.

Make sure they know what to expect from their dental visits.

What to Expect at Your Child’s Dental Visits

You can be in the treatment room with your child during their dental visits. In fact, for their first few visits, we might ask you to hold them on your lap to help them keep calm and still during their visit.

First, the hygienist will gently clean and polish teeth. Dr. Skowronski will then examine your child’s teeth and gums. Depending on the time and condition of your child’s teeth, they may recommend x-rays. They may also recommend topical fluoride, which can protect your child’s teeth.

Your dentist will also talk to you and your child about how to properly care for their teeth. They or the hygienist may demonstrate proper techniques for keeping teeth clean. They might also talk to you about other good habits for keeping teeth healthy for life. If you want, we can also teach you good techniques for reinforcing these habits at home.

Finally, we will recommend a schedule for your child’s ongoing regular visits.

Care For Your Child’s Oral Health

If your child is ready for their first dental visit or if you’re looking for a more friendly and comfortable dental practice for your child, Skowronski Family Dentistry can help. Please call (586) 977-8413 today to make an appointment for your child.