Why You Need Dental Cleanings

Your daily oral hygiene routine—daily brushing and flossing—is critical to maintaining good oral health. However, it’s not enough to ensure your teeth stay healthy for life.

That’s because it’s almost impossible to remove 100% of oral bacteria from your teeth and gums. The small amount you miss absorbs minerals from your saliva. These minerals are there to help your teeth repair themselves, but when the minerals seep into plaque, the plaque essentially fossilizes. It turns into a rock-like form called tartar or calculus. Removing tartar from your teeth safely requires the specialized tools, talent, and training of your dental hygienist.

Left in place, tartar is not only unattractive, it provides shelter for oral bacteria, which can lead to an increased risk of cavities and gum disease.

What to Expect from Your Dental Exam

During your dental exam, Dr. Skowronski will look closely at your teeth and gums. They will talk to you about any symptoms you might be experiencing. They may also ask you questions about your home hygiene routine and offer suggestions based on the health of your teeth and gums. Often, oral health problems can be treated with simple changes to your hygiene routine if they’re detected early enough.

Dr. Skowronski may also suggest additional procedures to improve diagnosis. This might include intraoral pictures, digital x-rays, or CBCT scans. We will likely recommend CBCT if your symptoms suggest you might have TMJ disorders.

Benefits of Advanced Dental Technology

You can see the benefits of advanced dental technology even in your regular dental exams. With our digital x-rays and intraoral camera your visit is interactive. You are able to see your x-rays and intraoral photos on a monitor with the doctor explaining and answering questions regarding your oral health. As the patient, you are able to make informed decisions about your dental treatment.

We can also get more detailed information with our CBCT scan. It constructs a 3D image of your teeth and jaws, helping us to understand important functional relationships. It lets us see the structure of your TMJ—the jaw joints—and understand when functional problems are developing that might be responsible for jaw clicking and popping.

Are You Overdue for Your Dental Exam?

If you are looking for a dentist, please consider Skowronski Family Dentistry. We utilize the latest technology to ensure you get a thorough and informative dental exam after your cleaning. Please call (586) 977-8413 today for an appointment.