Just 3 Steps to Your Restored Smile!

Step 1: Schedule a Consultation

During your consultation, we will evaluate your oral health and give you the information to make informed decisions about your treatment options.

Step 2: Get Treatment

We’ll follow through on your approved treatment plan. You will work with our schedule coordinator who will assist you with making appointments to maximize your time in the office.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Restored Smile

Once your results are complete, your teeth will be healthy and functional again. Results can last from years to the rest of your life with proper care.

Dealing with Decay

Tooth decay or cavities are caused by the acidic secretions of oral bacteria. Once cavities develop, it’s important to treat them with fillings. Cavities may be slow to form at first, but they can grow faster as they get larger.

We are a mercury-free dental practice, so we use tooth-colored fillings in our office. These might be composite resin fillings or advanced ceramics. Both look attractive and are long-lasting when used properly.

If decay has been neglected too long or is forming around an old mercury filling, we might recommend a dental crown. When decay reaches the center of the tooth, it can cause a tooth infection that we treat with root canal therapy.

Tooth Trauma Treatment

If your tooth has been chipped or cracked by trauma, we will recommend a treatment according to the level of damage. For minor cosmetic chips, dental bonding or veneers are a good choice.

If your tooth has a serious crack that leads to structural instability, a dental crown can protect and strengthen the tooth. In some cases, we might recommend root canal therapy in this situation.

Tooth Lost, Tooth Regained

If you have lost a tooth to decay, trauma, or gum disease, we have many options to replace it. The best tooth replacement is a dental implant. This looks and functions just like your natural tooth, and can last a lifetime with proper care. For multiple lost teeth, up to and including a full arch of teeth, implant-supported dentures work great.

In some cases, a dental bridge is a good solution. This is an artificial tooth supported by your natural teeth.

We pride ourselves on communicating with our patients and working to help them achieve their oral health goals during your consultation.

Remove Decay and Smile Again!

If your teeth have been damaged by decay, trauma, or gum disease, you might have thought you’d never smile again. But restorative dentistry can give you back your smile. Please call (586) 977-8413 today for an appointment at Skowronski Family Dentistry.