Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic Braces

Oral malocclusion is the dental term for teeth that do not fit together properly. The way teeth are aligned in a person’s mouth is an inherited trait. There are several types of oral malocclusions, such as an overbite, under bite, cross bite, crowding or simply having too much space. Orthodontics can be used to treat the many oral malocclusions. By not treating, a patient may experience a poor profile, tooth decay, bone destruction or joint problems leading to headaches and discomfort. By treating an oral malocclusion, a patient will not only be improving his or her overall dental health but also improving his or her self confidence as well.


Clear Aligner Straightening System

Clear aligner Straightening System can be used to straighten teeth without the use of metal braces. The system has a series of precisely calibrated aligners that remain in the patients mouths 24 hours a day, only to be removed to eat, drink, brush and floss. Roughly every two weeks a new set of aligners will be given to the patient as the teeth will be begin to shift slightly until their desired position is reached. Dr. Skowronski will meet with the patient and take a series of x-rays, impressions and photos to determine if the patient is a candidate for the clear aligner straightening system.


SPEED Brackets™ System

SPEED Braces have revolutionized orthodontics by eliminating the need for the elastics that traditional braces require to straighten teeth. Instead, SPEED Braces use an energy-storing component called a ‘Spring Clip’ to straighten teeth. The SPEED Spring Clip works like a computer chip inside your braces. The Spring Clip is ‘programmed’ by your orthodontist when SPEED Braces are placed on your teeth. The Spring Clip, made of a ‘Super-Elastic’ space age material, then follows the programmed instructions by applying a light continuous force to gently move teeth to their correct position. Only SPEED Braces contain a ‘Super-Elastic’ Spring Clip. The result is greater comfort, and potentially both fewer appointments and faster more ‘SPEEDY’ treatment. SPEED Braces are small; typicall one-third smaller than traditional braces, and they look great! SPEED’s small footprint results in less food trapping, so good oral hygiene is easier to maintain throughout your treatment.


Transcends Clear Porcelain Brackets

As an alternative to traditional metal brackets, transcends clear porcelain brackets may be used on an orthodontic patient. The bracket that is cemented on the tooth is made of porcelain and is less noticeable than a traditional metal bracket. The ligatures that are attached to the bracket are of lighter color, and it is recommended that they be changed every 4 to 5 weeks.