Overcoming the Limits of Traditional Dentures

Traditional dentures can look good, but they have many functional problems. They can be very uncomfortable to wear, offer only limited ability to chew, and they can come out at unexpected times. You might follow the best practices and use denture adhesives, but the problems remain.

The source of denture problems is that dentures aren’t like natural teeth. Natural teeth are anchored in your jawbone. Dentures, on the other hand, just sit on top of your gums. Your gums aren’t able to support or hold your dentures like natural teeth.

To overcome this problem, we can use dental implants to provide additional support for your dentures. With implant support, you can enjoy:

  • Better biting and chewing
  • More secure dentures
  • More comfortable dentures

The combination of improved function and comfort with the confidence that knowing your dentures will be in place when you smile or talk can make you much happier with your dentures.

How Implant-Supported Dentures Work

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that integrate with your jawbone. We can use implants as tooth replacements that are essentially just like your natural teeth. However, we can also use them to attach to dentures, providing partial support and improved function.There are many ways to do this. At Skowronski Family Dentistry, we use Hader bars to support your dentures. Hader bars are a straight bar that attaches to dental implants. Clasps let the denture hook onto the bar.

The benefits of Hader bar attachments are:

  • Secure connection
  • Easy to put in place and remove
  • Can refit existing dentures

With a Hader bar, your dentures are securely fit into your mouth. They stay in place under most normal conditions. On the other hand, it’s easy to get your dentures on the bar; it’s a true “clip and lock” system.

Hader Bars & Dentures

If you’re unhappy with your current dentures, Dr. Skowronski may be able to help you benefit from implant-supported dentures. They have the ability to improve your denture experience.To learn more about the benefits of these dentures, please call (586) 977-8413 today for an appointment at Skowronski Family Dentistry in Sterling Heights, MI.